Case Analysis 4 steps of 5 step analysis

EXAM #2  FEEDBACK—Biblio Credit Union (4 steps of 5-step analysis)         11-28-20

Do not include the words “topic sentence,”  “why,” “UI,” etc.  These are to help you ID sections.

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Case Analysis 4 steps of 5 step analysis
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(Problem statement—no heading—3 sentences needed for two-part solution. Normally, 2 sentences are enough.)  (TOPIC SENTENCE):  Sandra Meloche, community engagement manager at Biblio Credit Union (BCU), faces an ethical dilemma (UI) on how to (CONTEXT) justify a living wage increase for 33 minimum-wage employees to her board and president, where she has to weigh a potential loss of profits versus company values of dignity for the individual to counter rising social inequality.  (WHY IMPORTANT):  To allow BCU to adhere to its community values,  it is recommended (RECOMMENDATION) that—within one month–Meloche propose a range elevation for the 33 employees within their pay scale, justified by reevaluating the value of their positions.  (SECOND PART OF RECOMMENDATION) Meloche could then email all employees, stressing that paying this living wage demonstrates BCU’s passion for employee engagement and community prosperity—a value-based plan that could result in increased employee health and lower turnover—and with this in mind, that BCU plans to reevaluate the wage scale company-wide within the next fiscal year.


Facts/Assumptions    (3-4 facts plus one assumption—do not include the word “assumption”)

(SUM UP TOPIC SENTENCE):  Sandra Meloche faces an ethical dilemma on how to propose a living wage increase for 33 employees barely surviving on minimum wage after the Great Recession.  Rising social equality has dominated the world news, and in July 2015, Windsor—home of BCU—experienced the largest unemployment rate in the country for 66 months, with the gap between the rich and poor increasing dramatically and many living below the poverty line. Therefore, the living wage was a call to employers to pay sufficient wages based on the locally calculated rate.  Only 5 percent of the 750 BCU staff members would see this proposed pay increase, costing a total of $28,500.  (ASSUMPTION):  Given that relatively small amount—compared to BCU’s annual revenue of $80 million—the increase in expenses seems justified and aligned with the community values of the credit union.


Possible Solutions   (2 solutions with pros and cons)

  • Propose a range elevation for the 33 employees based on reevaluating the value of their positions—and communicate the social and financial benefits to the other employees. This option could reduce stress and turnover of these 33 employees. In addition, it could (a pro). Finally, it could (a prof). However, expenses could outpace revenue if the benefits are not realized…In addition, it could (another con)….Finally, it could result in (another con).
  • Provide the employees with a BCU-paid stipend to bring them up to a living wage—and communicate the social and financial benefits…..This option could…In addition, it could….On the other hand, this option would cost the company $28,500 a year (a con). In addition, (another con).  Finally, it could (another con).


Recommendation  (add 5 pieces of evidence of why this is the best solution)

It is recommended that Meloche request that the board of directors approve a range elevation for the 33 employees to a higher pay level within their pay scale—and communicate the benefits to other employees. This could help pull these employees out of poverty and reduce stress. In addition, this option could…. Now add more evidence about why this is the best solution…  Also, providing a living wage could…..In addition, it could.   Finally, it could…

5)  SECRET TIP FINAL EXAM–INCLUDE A DETAILED SPECIFIC SOLUTION in the Problem Statement section and the Solutions section (where you list 2 possible solutions).   1)Create a 2-part solution for each of the two possible solutions.  2) Make your 2-part solution as specific as possible, as you may research solutions so you will be familiar with the topic.  3) But again, do not copy the solution from Odwalla as it will not apply to this case.



  1. Coli Bacteria

Escherichia coli is a species of microscopic bacteria named for the German biologist who discovered it during the early 1900s. Virtually all large animals, including humans, benignly host some form of the bacterium in their large intestinal tracts. But a particular virulent form of the organism, known specifically as 0157-H7, can sicken and kill those whose immune systems may be compromised.

E.coli 0157-H7 can grow quickly in uncooked food products, including meat, cheeses, fruit, dairy products and juices. The bacteria may be completely destroyed, however, by heat or radiation. If meats are cooked to a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, or if juices and other potable liquids are pasteurized, the danger posed by such organisms is dramatically reduced or eliminated. For example, consumers can assume “frozen concentrate” juices are free from bacteria because their preparation requires heating to 170 degrees.

Odwalla’s juice products, however, were not pasteurized. E coli and other harmful bacteria were kept at bay with a multistep production process that selected only the finest fresh fruit, washed each piece twice, and then refrigerated the squeezing to slow the growth of microorganisms. Deliveries were made to retailers each day in refrigerated trucks, and products were displayed and sold from special Odwalla coolers. The process was repeated each business day, with the previous day’s unsold products gathered up by Odwalla’s drivers and returned to the plant for disposal. Thus, the product customers brought from Odwalla retailers each day was guaranteed to be fresh-squeezed that very day—a feature that loyal customers willingly paid premium prices to obtain.

The question remained:  How could the lethal strain of E. coli bacteria get into Odwalla juice? How could the careful, meticulous production process have failed? Over the past 16 years, Williamson and the company’s founder, Greg Steltenpohl, and the Odwalla team had worked hard to establish a stellar reputation for the company and its premium, trendy products. Yet all their hard work was now on the line. The future of their growing company would depend on how Williamson and his senior team reacted to events over the next few hours.



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