Computer Software Devolpment

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Computer Software Devolpment
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Hello, Zion. My name is Tatum D., and I look forward to working with you on this Essay Center Review to improve your writing today. Let’s get started!

*Writing Strength:

Your reflection that “in the beginning, I used to think that computer technology might be replaced with something else. I also used to think that the present time is the peak and all about technology and the future holds magnificence in terms of computer software development” worked well in the conclusion because it gives a detailed overview of your thesis in some detail. Keep up the good work, Zion!

*Zion 12358245, you requested help with Main Idea/Thesis:

In the second section, you often ended the paragraphs with sentences like “This source helped me know about some major trends and I understood how these trends are still part of our daily life actions”. This tells the reader a story about your research process, but it doesn’t show how you applied it to your topic.

If you take this approach, it suggests that you assumed that your reader understands things the same way you do, which is very unlikely. A reader would have to know precisely which trends you are referring to and how this impacts daily life to see how it applies to your discussion.

Unless your instructor wanted you to narrate your research process, it may be better to describe information and apply it to your thesis. What impact do the trends have on daily life, for example? Depending on the main idea of your paragraph, it may be appropriate to show how the information impacts your life and choices, or it may be necessary to explain what changes in the field you anticipate based on the research. In either case, however, the explanation needs to be accessible to a reader who might not share your assumptions. The body paragraphs may need to reflect a detailed analysis of the research instead of telling your instructor a story about your experience.

*Zion 12358245, you requested help with Content Development:

To develop better explanations as I’ve discussed in the lesson above, it seems that you need to show the reader what the research says. Statements like “Several studies continue to define how computer software development is evolving and how it will develop in the future. There have been several variations in the techniques of software development over time, and it is expected that this trend will continue in future” and “Research by HIMMAT and OSMAN   highlighted in the research article that in the next few years, Artificial intelligence will be the hallmark of professional success” seem to tell a story and presupposes that the reader has read and interpreted the same information you have the same way you did.

Scholarly writing is often directed toward an audience who may understand the topic but who won’t know precisely what your approach to that topic is. So, your reader may know about the IT field, but they won’t know what you want to say about it – your thesis should be unique.  Statements like the ones extracted above can be part of the discussion but they shouldn’t be the only type of support you have. This tells the instructor that you studied the material not how you engaged with it.

To develop such a unique idea, it would be necessary to show the reader which aspects of the research were relevant. What did Himmat and Osman say, for example? What definitions and evolutions are relevant to your topic? If this information is not relevant, it may also be more useful to express plausible examples. How do you think software will develop in the future, for example?  If certain conditions are met, how will it impact your career path? Please make sure that you describe what the authors say instead of telling a story about it.

Use of Resources

Some of the parenthetical citations may not work because you misattributed information, for example:

Knowing all the facts, I can decide my future career. In all the articles, it found a special reference to Artificial Intelligence to be one of the major precursors of future computer software development (Al-Turjman et al.).

This would suggest that Al- Turjman et al. wrote about your decision rather than that your decision was based on what they said.

The documentation needs to differentiate your own ideas from what the research said so that you can recombine things in your discussion. Using quotes or paraphrases could work in a situation like this, as demonstrated in these extracts from the Smarthinking MLA style guide:

  • According to Stephen L. Harris and Gloria Platzner, a “Greek temple, such as the Parthenon, was literally the house of the god it sheltered, a holy place, where a supernatural power could reside among human beings. In contrast to modern churches, synagogues, and mosques, the temple was not intended to hold a congregation” (9).
  • Harris and Platzner argue that Athenian tragedy from the fifth century BCE is our second-best source for Greek myth (9).
  • Keats’s death was neither quick nor painless; Severn listened to the young poet drown in his own mucus for seven hours (Ward 402).
  • Gioia says that Frost’s poetry is defined by “innovation and originality” (188).

Quotes and paraphrases will allow you to show the reader which elements of the research were significant and how you interpreted it.  If examples aren’t relevant, then you need to show the reader which elements of the research are relevant to your discussion.

For a step-by-step guide on how to use the research to support your main idea, please refer to > Lesson 1: Completing the Research Process in the Smarthinking Writer’s Handbook. This will give you an overview of the research process from start to finish and help you address all the sections that I’ve covered in this review.

Summary of Next Steps:

  • Show what you will do with the research.
  • Use clear examples to demonstrate your points.
  • Only document other author’s ideas.

Thank you for submitting your essay for a review, Zion. I enjoyed helping you with this step in the revision process. Have a good day! – Your tutor, Tatum D.

You can find more information about writing, grammar, and usage in the Smarthinking Writer’s Handbook.


Please look for comments [in bold and in brackets] in your essay below.
Thank you for submitting your work to Smarthinking! We hope to see you again soon.




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Computer software development

Section I

The future career that I have chosen is “Computer Software Development”. I have always been interested in computer software development because I am always amazed by and interested in the tactics and the accurate operation of technologies. Within the next 5-10 years, I see myself working in one of the great firms that are known for the latest advancements and the most up-to-date development of computer software (Wang et al.). I will get enrolled in my chosen career by engaging myself in a specialized program that can teach me all the basics and technical aspects of software development.

Computer Software Development is defined as a process that is used by programmers so that they can build different computer programs. [If you are allowed to use an immersive description in which you visualize what you do here in the first section, it may be more appropriate.  What do you see yourself doing as a computer software developer based on what you currently know?] These are the activities that are involved in creating, designing, deploying as well as supporting the software (Hoda et al.). It is important to note that the software itself is also a set of instructions that helps a computer know what is required to do. Computer software development is one of the growing trends in the world and it is the centre of attention for all the departments because the computer is one of the major accessories required to regulate the functions in various departments (Nagappan and Shihab).

With every passing day, more and unique computer software is developed to ease the flow of activities performed by a man and reduce the risks of human errors along with the reducing workload (Erlenhov et al.). It is observed that in the future the computer software will be sufficient enough to regulate major human activities within official paradigms, alleviating the workload (Kaur and Sobti). Today, there are some major and evolving trends in computer software development and trends will make this world a more convenient place because these trends will replace human hustle with some interconnected devices that can facilitate the world (Unseld).  Knowing this, I want to find out more about computer software development; what are the trends that are taking the manual setting to an advanced level and how these techniques of software development will change over time (Briones-Biter et al.).

I intend to know about the development of computer software because it will help me gather more knowledge about my interest and it will help me develop a critical insight into the field in which I should invest my interest. It will help me stay focused and to-the-point because I will be able to work in the concerned field if I will have the required knowledge. To look for the answer to my question, I will search different databases such as Google School, some important magazines in which articles are published such as, IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, Popular Mechanics, blogs, and American Scientist.

After I will be done with my investigation, I will be able to find out about computer software development, and how it is serving and facilitating different departments. I think that in future, there will be multiple trends in computer software development.

Section 2: Research

Computer Software Development is one of the growing and empowering departments in the world. Several studies continue to define how computer software development is evolving and how it will develop in the future. There have been several variations in the techniques of software development over time, and it is expected that this trend will continue in future.  All the insights are based on mere assumptions because there is no definite point of view. It is expected that the dramatic trends in computer software development will replace human beings in workplaces shortly (JAAKKOLA and THALHEIM).

Research by HIMMAT and OSMAN   highlighted in the research article that in the next few years, Artificial intelligence will be the hallmark of professional success. It is because machine learning is now capable of understanding human requirements and fulfilling them with accuracy and perfection (HIMMAT and OSMAN). After reading this article, I realized that artificial intelligence is deeply enticed in our daily lives and it is hard to work without it.

An article published by Haas and Brilakis   is one of the insights that introduced me to seven major trends in computer software development. It is identified that in the future; seven trends will prevail in the software development industry and these trends are artificial intelligence, Cross-Platform Development Tools, blockchain, IoT, Continuous Delivery and Deployment, progressive web apps, and low code development. All these trends are incorporated in different versions and despite being in initial stages, these trends are working exceptionally (Haas and Brilakis). This source helped me know about some major trends and I understood how these trends are still part of our daily life actions.

Wang   wrote a blog in which he identified the future trends. As per his research, the world will be taken up by the 5G, and it may be the next big thing that will open the door for the developers. Also, it is expected that cloud computing and edge with language predicting software will be the major focus for the developers (Wand et.).  This source helped me to understand that I was wrong in thinking that 5G will be suppressed under AI, but 5G is in competition with AI. In another article by Erlenhov  , it is inferred that there is no prior prediction about what will be the trends in the computer software development in future because it takes no time for technology to replace the trends (Erlenhov et al.). This source was one of the complex sources of information because it left me in uncertainty.

In research by it is said that there is a chance that developers will develop something new and it will replace the significance that is given to the current technologies (Markova et al.). [You tell the reader about the research in the topic sentences without showing how it applies to your discussion. Unless your instructor wants you to do it this way, it may be better to summarize how the research affected you. How does the information affect your plans?] After reading this source, I came to know that there is an underlying uncertainty in the world of computer software development. One of the articles published by Castro communicates that the future will be overwhelmed by some amazing trends in the form of neutralink, human augmentations, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things, mixed reality, and different progressive web apps (Castro et al.). This information makes me believe that IoT and AI are some of the basic trends and technologies that I should keep following. I learned a lot about neutralink and I found it very informative.

Evaluating these resources, I realized that to achieve my goal of having competent knowledge of computer software that will be dominant in the future I need to keep following the articles and reading the content because it will help me define my area in which I can work. Also, after reading these articles I am moved by the impact of Artificial Intelligence and I might stick to it in my future.

Section 3

Computer Software Development is not only my area of interest but it is one of the fields that always inspires me to read. Having a goal of getting enrolled in one of the best firms in software development, I searched for the future trends in software development so that I can keep myself updated and make the choice of specialization wisely. To read about the trends, I searched for different information sources available on Google scholar as well as the internet

After a detailed investigation, I came to know that computer software development is intertwined with some major trends. All these trends are either already incorporated or are under insight so that the best can be extracted out of them. After studying deeply about all those trends, I can understand the dimension in which computer software development is heading to and it has played a central role in helping me understand the core concept (Coppola and Morisio). Knowing all the facts, I can decide my future career. In all the articles, it found a special reference to Artificial Intelligence to be one of the major precursors of future computer software development (Al-Turjman et al.). It means that I should keep my focus more on these aspects and based on this information I can decide my future specialization project as well as it will help me getting the required job in the required firm. My hypothesis is accurate, pertaining that there will be different   trends in the computer software development and there is a continuous competition between these trends.

The research and investigation of the hypothesis changed my perception to a great extent because, in the beginning, I used to think that computer technology might be replaced with something else. I also used to think that the present time is the peak and all about technology and the future holds magnificence in terms of computer software development. Now, I know that computer software development is focused on some major trends that will not only change the future and the jobs that are performed by computers but it will be one of the changes that will replace human beings with machines (Saleem and Burney). [<You have a few fused sentences where you don’t use a comma with the conjunction to join independent clauses. When there are two or more independent clauses – i.e. two or more parts of your sentence has a subject/ verb pair – you need to use a comma with the conjunction, a semicolon without a conjunction, or end the sentence.] Such an approach will bring a major shift in workforce development and the regulation of the tasks that are performed by the man force.



Works Cited

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Wang, Shuai, et al. “Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contracts: Architecture, Applications, and Future Trends.” IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, vol. 49, no. 11, IEEE, 2019, pp. 2266–2277.



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