HI150 Automation of Health Information

INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to all posts; response to classmates should be thoughtful and advance the discussion, response should make and/or frequent informed references to unit material or scientific literature, follow APA style if resources are used, 75 word minimum in response per post

HI150 Automation of Health Information

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HI150 Automation of Health Information
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A data dictionary for healthcare is used to standardize definitions and ensure the information collected is consistent. The data elements include the field name which is the assigned number for each patient who is provided a service; the field definition which has the time the patient was discharged; the field length refers to the account number for the patient which is 10 digits and, the element value that identifies the type of insurance the patient uses (Kavanaugh, Sayles, 2018).

Examples of text data elements would be the name of the patient, clinical staff providing services, medications and SOAP notes completed by the physician. Some of the information that would have a date would be the age of the patient, the patient identification number, a phone number, and the dosage of medication(s) to name a few. The data element I would recommend would be allergies or drug sensitivities that a patient has. This information would be helpful throughout the patient’s care. The data element I recommend can have three fields, drugs, foods or materials, like latex, which is often used in the care of patients.

~Cortney Gardner ~


Hello Professor and Class,

This week’s discussion is about “Data Content for EHR Documentation.” Data content means the content of communication and EHR (electronic health record) documentation is how we communicate the content of information in the EHR documentation. The data dictionary contains all the records of the objects in the database.

The data element I would add to the Sample Data Dictionary would be vaccination records. The data elements would include the patient name, date of birth, and the list of vaccine names and the dates they were given to the patient. This data element I add could have different formats, but I do not believe different definitions. There are many ways to display the information, but the information needed does not change; it stays the same.



SC121: Human Anatomy and Physiology I

INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to all posts; response to classmates should be thoughtful and advance the discussion, response should make and/or frequent informed references to unit material or scientific literature, follow APA style if resources are used, 75 word minimum in response per post


How much caffeine is too much? That’s a great question for this discussion board. Consider all the caffeinated drinks you consume in one day. Take note and determine how much caffeine is in that can of soda or that cup of coffee, or that energy drink. Are you consuming too much? Refer to what the Mayo Clinic has to say: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/caffeine/art-20045678

Are you consuming too much? List the amounts and how much you calculated. Consider what it would take to swap out one of those drinks for water, especially if you are consuming more than 400mg/day.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts. FYI – this post is for those that consume caffeinated beverages. If you do not consume caffeine yourself and still want to respond, consider taking note of how much caffeine a friend or loved one consumes in a day.




Energy drinks are something that you can find everywhere. You go to the gas station, grocery store, all sorts of stores and there they are. So many different kinds, flavors, brands. Then you think to yourself should I buy one of these, will all this caffeine hurt me, do I really need this. These are all questions that I am sure so many people have thought about when looking at buying an energy drink.

The most important questions though are, are they safe and do they affect your heart and body. Some people may say that energy drinks are safe, and others may say they are not. Really though in the long run they are not safe for your body at all. Large amounts of caffeine which is one of the main things people look for in an energy drink can cause people serious heart and blood vessel problems such as heart rhythm disturbances and can really make your heart rate and blood pressure climb according to (NCCIH, 2018). Caffeine can especially have long term affects, on children, teenagers and young adults if consumed. Not only can they affect your heart and blood vessels it can also affect the rest of your body by causing anxiety, sleep problems, digestive problems, and dehydration according to (NCCIH, 2018).

Your cardiac output is the amount of blood that your heart is pumping out. So of course if you drink to many energy drinks then this will be affected. Your heart rate and blood pressure are both things that will raise when you are consuming an energy drink due to the high caffeine. With having a high heart rate and blood pressure this can cause tachycardia, hypertension, supra-and ventricular arrhythmias, STEMI, and aortic dissection can happen according to (ACC, 2020). When this happens, it changes how your heart is pumping out the blood causing it to flow differently.

When researching on if energy drinks have been the cause of deaths or not, I have found that there have been deaths linked to drinking to many energy drinks. Although it is hard for them to say if that is the exact reason. According to (CSPI, 2014) there have been 34 deaths since 2004 that have been linked to energy drinks. 22 of them have been from 5-hour energy, 11 to monster and 1 from Rockstar. There really is no proof that these deaths are because of energy drinks but it is suspected that was the cause.

After learning everything that I learned with this discussion post I would highly encourage people to stay away from energy drinks. I would use the knowledge I have now after learning all about what it can do to your body to help them better understand what can happen. Educating others is the first step in making them realize what can happen. I have drunk energy drinks now for several years. My favorite one being BANG. This energy drink has 300 mg of caffeine in it not including all the other things in it to give it more than 300 mg of caffeine. I have a very busy life with school, work and caring for 4 children. I have found though that if I drink more water, I feel better and more energized than if I drink an energy drink. They do help energize me at first but then I really begin to crash and not feel so hot. So here is to trying not to drink them anymore!

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