Individual Content Analysis Instructions

Final Project: Individual Content Analysis Instructions

COM1162 Final Project – Individual Movie Analysis

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Individual Content Analysis Instructions
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Check Canvas for Due Date/Time

To wrap up the entire course and provide a context in which you can intentionally practice your interpersonal communication skills, the Final Project is an Individual Movie Analysis.

Throughout this semester, you have been applying concepts discussed in this course through the Apps and the Online Discussions. For the Final Project, you are required to submit a concise movie analysis. This analysis is an opportunity for you to bring together the concepts, terms, and resources that you have worked with in COM1162 Interpersonal Relationships and Communication. It is also expected that you will use your own words, perceptions, and communication skills to complete this Project.

You are required to choose and watch any one of the following movies for this assignment:

Madagascar 1
Madagascar 2
Madagascar 3
How To Train Your Dragon
Ocean Waves
50 First Dates
The Pursuit of Happyness
My Sister’s Keeper
Hachi: A Dog’s Tail
Julie and Julia
Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle
My Girl
Howl’s Moving Castle
Eat, Pray, Love
Outlaw King
The King
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The Blindside

Please keep in mind that these movies are rated from ‘G’ to ‘R.’ Choose whichever movie you prefer to work with for this project. As of the publishing of this Final project, students should be able to find these movies on Netflix and/or Prime Video. Depending on how extensive your personal DVD collection is, you may choose to rent online from iTunes, Google Play, or YouTube.

**Student feedback suggests that it is advantageous to view the chosen movie twice – the first time just to ‘watch’ the movie and the second time to view the movie through a communication lens.

Assignment Information:

  • Include a title page with APA format (see the following information)
  • Use APA paper format: 1” margins top/bottom and left/right, Times New Roman 12 pt font, and double spaced
  • Include a Reference page; use the APA Student Guide to assist you
  • DO NOT USE the internet or movie-based sites in order to complete this analysis. All of the information that you require is based on our course content and your communication skills
  • It is expected and strongly recommended that you will USE THE CONCEPTS AND TERMS from our textbook and PowerPoints throughout the entire analysis. However, do not include definitionsfor the concepts or terms that you are using. Ensure that your responses are comprehensive
  • The USE OF EXAMPLES will help to support your claims. When providing examples, state ‘who, what, where, when, and why’ (e.g., “Allin displayed that she was a competent communicator when she and Galen were arguing about the fight that had taken place in the kitchen. It was clear that Galen was angry and upset, and although Allin was too, she held back to let him speak, knowing that her words would be better used at a later time”).
  • USE up to three quotes in your analysis, and ensure that you cite your information correctly. The APA Student Guide will assist you with this. If you required additional assistance with referencing, please contact the Lethbridge College Buchanan Library, or the Learning Café
  • Depending on the questions that you choose to respond to, you may need to read ahead in the textbook in order to provide additional clarity to your answers
  • Proofread for correct grammar and sentence structure
  • If you are experiencing a challenge in choosing a movie from the list, please contact me within one week of the publishing of these instructions
  • Once you have viewed the movie of your choice, prepare a paper using the following headingsto frame your analysis.

Individual Movie Analysis

COMMUNICATION BASICS (choose any TWO questions = 30 marks)

  1. Choose one characterin the movie who could be considered a competent communicator. State the name of the character, and share examples (note the information regarding the use of examples above), of that person’s behaviours that illustrate any 3of the following:
  2. A wide range of behaviours
  3. Ability to choose the most appropriate behaviour
  4. Skill at performing behaviours
  5. Cognitive complexity
  6. Empathy
  7. Self-monitoring
  8. Commitment (caring about both the other person and the message)


  1. Identify and explain two examples for eachof the following communication principles:
    • Communication is irreversible
    • It’s impossible notto communicate
    • Communication is unrepeatable


  1. Identify and explain two examples for eachof the following often communication misconceptions:
    • More communication is always better
    • Successful communication always involves shared understanding
    • A single person or event causes another’s reaction
    • Communication can solve all problems

SELF-CONCEPT, PERCEPTION, AND EXPRESSION (choose any TWO questions = 30 marks)

  1. What issues with identitydoes one of the main characters reveal in the movie? Discuss the factors that are influencing his/her/their sense of self at this time in his/her/their life.


  1. What emotions does a different character reveal throughout the movie? How does he/she/they reveal them and to whom? What emotions do you think this person feels, but does not reveal? What factors contribute to this person’s ways of expressing and managing emotion(s)?


  1. Nonverbal communication through clothing, physical appearance, and physical environment, etc., are all focused on by various characters in the story. Explain how each one is a factor in a character’s relationships with others (see Chapter 6).

LISTENING AND RELATING (answer all of the following questions = 40 marks)

  1. Effective and ineffective listening behaviours:
  • Who in the movie demonstrates effective listening? Illustrate by identifying the specific listening behaviours/strategies used by that person in one or more situations.
  • Identify twoexamples of ineffective listening and identify the specific problem you see. What is the outcome of the behaviour?
  • Why do you think the characters in your movie listen to one another? Why do you think they might not listen? What could be the perceived benefits of listening and not listening?


  1. Give an example of a lie or deceitful actionin the movie. Do any of the following reasons explain the reasons for the deception? Explain. If not, what reasons for it can you offer? Provide supportive evidence.
    • to save face
    • to guide social interaction
    • to expand or reduce relationships
    • to gain power
    • to avoid tension or conflict


  1. In this last section, analyze the relationshipbetween two of the main characters. Answer the following questions, and ensure that you clearly title each response (e.g., a, b). It is expected that you will use terms and concepts from the courseto shape your analysis and to develop the topics in whatever order makes sense to you.
  2. Analyze the development of the relationship. What brings them together? What strengthens their relationship and causes it to grow? What threatens it?
  3. How do perceptions affect the relationship? For example, do these two main characters have accurate perceptions of one another? Do they have shared perceptions of others? How might their perceptions or attributions be distorted


Remember to use concepts and terms throughout your analysis. In addition, the use of headings and examples will serve to organize and support your writing. Finally, proofread your work for correct grammar and sentence structure.

I look forward to reading your Movie Analysis!


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