Nonverbal Communications



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Nonverbal Communications
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While you usually will not need to use all of these levels of headings in your draft, if you do need them here they are. Notice all headings down to the fifth level are in bold type!

First Level (all important words capitalized, centered, on its own line)
Second Level (all important words capitalized, left justified, on its own line)
Third level. This level is left-margin indented and only the first word (and any proper nouns) are capitalized. The heading is followed by a period, and the text simply starts on the same line as the heading.
Third level. Any time you use a subordinate heading, you need at least two of them to keep ideas parallel p. 88-89
Second Level
Third level.
Fourth level.
Fifth level.
Fifth level.
Fourth level.
Third level.
Second Level
First Level

You need to include sufficient headings (and subheadings) to thoroughly cover your topic. Make each item in the outline a phrase that is brief enough to be used as an actual heading in your paper. If you have “only children” in your heading structure (like you have only one heading at the second level, for example), the standalone headings probably need to be reworded and promoted.

As you create this structure, try to plug in the sources you’ve read that had content pertaining to each heading or subheading. Think carefully about how you can tell the story most effectively, and the logic of the order in which the information should be presented. You really will be telling the story out loud when you present your research to the class, and you should work on this outline AND start thinking about the presentation at the same time–one should feed off the other. The order should be suggested by thinking about how to guide your listeners through your topic concisely, as you will need to for a 15-minute presentation. And the elaborate outline can then be thought of as a detailed set of notes that you could use to give your presentation. Be sure to ask yourself why one set of information should follow another, and notes for yourself that will help you to write transitional sentences for your paper.

The goal for this assignment – for you and for me when I read it – is to check your work for content and organization. This should ensure that you are telling a complete and balanced story and you have given it enough thought to tell it clearly. We want to check the content and quality of your sources. It may be possible to identify “holes in the plot”, or places where the information you’ve already obtained is a little thin and you need to locate more supporting materials to round out your story. I may ask you to try to find specific information that will improve your treatment of the topic while there is still enough time for you to address these concerns.

You do not need to have a title page, abstract, running head, etc. for this assignment. You will, however, need a dedicated and alphabetized reference page. Since you have now had your citations corrected a number of times and taken the citation test, you are now responsible for any mistakes of APA style in the references, and they will count against you.

Self-motivator/Statement of purpose is present and shows elaboration and improvement since the Proposal……………………………………………………………………………………2
Quality of content, scope and writing……………….…………………………………………………………………… 8
Outline structure is sensible……………………………………………………………….10
Reference page is present and correct……………………………………………………..5

Complete rough draft of review paper (v2.0)…………………….…………………50 points

Your objective is to write a review of current scientific research relating to the topic you indicated in your self-motivator statement.

Your paper should be turned in on time by emailing it to me from Blackboard. No late papers will be accepted!

Your paper should make use of at least 15 appropriate sources (journal articles, book chapters, and books other than text books). Any other types of sources used (websites, dictionaries, online encyclopedias, etc.) should also be fully cited, but I will not count them when I check to see that you’ve used 15 sources. Every source should be fully cited in the reference list at the end of your paper, and every source in the reference list should be specifically mentioned in the body of your paper when you are reporting the information you obtained from that source. (Review how to format these two types of citations – I expect them to be done correctly).

The text of your paper (not including title page, abstract, references, and any appendices) should be at least 12 pages in length. All of the elements mentioned above should be present (with the exception of appendices, which are optional), and all parts of your paper should utilize correct APA style.
Things to worry about:
· 1 inch margins throughout
· 12-point Times New Roman font
· double-spacing throughout
· correct formatting for citations including quotations
· correct use of numbers
· correct levels of headings
· correct header at the top of each page in your paper.

Make your title page look like the title page of the sample document (p. 150) in your textbook, make your abstract look like the abstract on p. 151, and so on. While you are looking, skim through the sample document and consider the way the author is writing, how he is stating things, etc. This should help you to adopt the appropriate voice and tone with which to write.

The introductory paragraph (refer to the instructions for completing your outlines as well as the comments I made on your outlines for details on what I expect here). It should be thoughtful, engaging, and make it clear why the reader should want to know more about the topic.

The content of your paper should primarily address the findings of research and the theories that experts use in interpreting those findings. Space-consuming details (DSM criteria for a diagnosis, exact reproductions of assessment tools, etc.) should be placed in an Appendix and merely referred to in the body of the paper. Whenever you express an opinion, do not preface it with the words “in my opinion” – just say it and make sure you explain yourself and provide ample justification, preferably in the form of cited sources! Direct quotations should be kept to a minimum and only used when they serve to make a point that is crucial. The majority of your text should be paraphrased from your sources, and you should cite them frequently.

Your writing in general should be carefully edited for tone, clarity, and grammatical correctness. If you are not terribly good at this (and you can determine whether you are or not by the amount of font I’ve been turning red on your previous assignments), I would suggest that you do considerable self-editing and then get someone else to read your paper for you and mark it up. Examples of the type of errors that will count against you on this component of your grade include (but are not limited to)


Review paper (FINAL DRAFT)…………………………………………125 points

The instructions for the final paper are the same as for the rough draft described in Section V; please review those instructions and be sure that you have read and addressed every editing suggestion and comment that I’ve given you as feedback on the rough drafts before submitting your paper.

As a reminder, all of your final papers will be submitted to, and any paper that is found to contain 20% or more unoriginal content will receive a grade of 0 for the paper assignment and will be referred to the academic integrity committee for further disciplinary action. Papers that are found to be 5-20% unoriginal will be subject to a 25% deduction in grade (making your best possible grade on the paper a 75% if you do everything else right!) The exact amount of these deductions will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on how flagrant the plagiarism is.

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