Occupational Health and Safety

HRMT 3145 Occupational Health and Safety


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Occupational Health and Safety
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Project Four: E-portfolio


Due: See course website for dates.

Weighting: 15% of Final Grade



Electronic Portfolio Outline

HRMT 3145 Occupational Health and Safety



Your portfolio is a personal collection, reflection and assessment of work completed within this course. This portfolio will:

  1. Provide a record of the key learning from this course.
  2. Assist you in integrating learning from this course into an overall picture of high quality human resources practice. This is especially important when you arrive at our capstone course HRMT4500 – Strategic Human Resources Management.
  3. Enable you to showcase what you can do for prospective employers and ultimately it should assist you in preparing to write the CHRP exams.

Minimum Requirements:

Five “views” or pages are required.  They are submitted in a number of chunks or “tranches” over the term.  Set up the 5 pages as a collection as soon as you can after term start and then add content as we go through the course.

Key Issues for all E-portfolios:

  • Your name MUST appear[use a large font] on each page at the top: you will use the e-port to market yourself just as if it were a resume.
  • There MUST be a page description on each page explaining why things are there i.e. on Refusing Unsafe Work you might start by saying: “This page presents a fictional situation where there is potentially unsafe situation in the workplace. I will identify the safety issue, examine what my options might be in the situation, explain what I would choose to do and then assess how my chosen course of action might impact those involved and the organization.”
  • Make it easy to navigate. Make sure there is a drop down of other pages at the top and/or include a sitemap.  Remember, this is something you may want to showcase to a prospective employer down the road!
  • Use short forms for each of your page names otherwise the index and/or sitemaps will run too long.
  • Be careful about how many columns you use – 3 is the maximum because it just gets too hard to follow. One column seldom works in digital presentation.
  • You should have a “welcome” page which explains the content of the OH&S part of your e-port and maybe introduces you just a bit.
  • Use colour carefully: too much colour in background and ever-changing font colours is both hard to read and comes across as unprofessional.  My own personal favourite after looking at hundreds of these is a plain white background with a dark colour font [black or very deep blue or such].  This appears very professional and then your bullets, numbers, headings and especially your graphics and resources LEAP off the page.  However, you are selling you so go with what works for you but get others to critique it if you are going with big colours for backgrounds and fonts.
  • Consistent format: pick a style that works and stick to it.  Nothing reeks more of slapped together than using different styles and fonts on each page.  People who slap together don’t get hired.
  • Use bullets, numbered lists and bold headings to make it easy to follow and have your main points stick out.  Make them easy to “skim” and then just as easy to dig deep into.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.  I don’t have any easy way of noting all the errors here, but spelling and grammar are important in business writing and professional presentation.
  • Get hired! When these are done well they are an incredibly POWERFUL tool for selling your talents.  No kidding – really good e-ports are your entree to that job you’ve always wanted.  So even if you don’t care about the marks, you should care about the ability to sell your emerging talents.
  • The resources section should be “gift” markse. this is simply listing and describing many of the things we have covered in the course.
  • Skills section think about the things that an employer might want to hire you for … ability to investigate accidents and complete Forms 7, do accident prevention inspections, develop safety policy, handle early return to work of injured workers etc.
  • People struggle in the skills section with both breaking skills down into their components and ESPECIALLY with what constitutes quality practice for each skill. Yes, this is where we find out if you really learned anything and that’s why it’s worth so many marks.






The Five Required Pages:

  1. “RPC’s” [this is the RPC Competence Evaluation and Personal Learning Plan section]: A list of the course RPC’s and evaluation form can be found on the course Moodle site.  You will be asked to complete a final evaluation of ALL the RPC’s in HRMT 4500 – practicum.  There are two parts to this segment.


  1. Initial personal evaluation of the course specific RPC’s competence level and the development of personal learning goals and a learning plan over and above the course,based on assessment of your current skills. A specific course grade is not a learning goal.
  2. Final evaluation of course specific RPC’s competence level and supporting how you will continually develop RPC” and professional competencies. A list of the course RPC’s and evaluation form can be found on the course Moodle site.  You should have at a minimum 3 learning goals defined as well as a fully developed learning plan on how you will achieve your goals.


  1. On a page titled “Safety Committees”, respond to the following scenario. You have just been hired as a Safety Manager at the New Box Company, located in Langley, BC. The 200 mostly unionized employees in this organization design and manufacture various types of corrugated fiber boxes, as well as various types of folding cartons. In your new position, you notice that the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee has been somewhat inactive lately, and you are concerned about both worker and general safety,SPECIFICALLY in the 50,000 square-foot production and warehouse areas.  In these areas, there are:
    • Electrically-powered, hydraulically-activated, stamping machines that cut and fold cardboard,
    • Electrically-powered inking machines that print on cardboard,
    • Wooden pallets full of cardboard stock,
    • Steel frame shelving extending to a height of 8 metres,
    • Moving equipment: manual pallet-jacks and propane-powered forklifts for moving and stacking pallets
    • Approximately 150 workers on a 5-day, 24-hour rotating schedule, divided between 3 shifts [days, afternoons and nights].


  1. List and describe the main safety issues you would be concerned about in this environment.
  2. Identify the key WSBC regulations that apply with reference to the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations General provisions, industry provisions, as well as those in respect of noise, ventilation, PPE and mobile equipment. Be specific.
  3. List the first aid requirements for this organization as laid out in the OH&S Regulations. Note: you are within 20 minutes to Langley General Hospital.
  4. Identify three major responsibilities of the committee with reference to the Act and regulations.
  5. Layout your action plan to regenerate interest in the JOHS Committee, and identify any issues you expect and how will you deal with them. This is an exercise in change management which means you will need to persuade people, both management and line employees, to become involved with and engaged in improving the safety climate. I am looking for 3-5 bullets that clearly explain what you will do, the issues you expect to encounter, and how you will address them.


  1. On a page titled “Refusing Unsafe Work” address the issues that arise in the following scenario based on the New Box Company noted in #2 above. This is about a situation that could occur between you as the Safety Manager responsible for OH&S in the New Box Companyand an employee.  In this situation, Prabjot [the worker] has refused to continue working in the production area because the stamping machine she operates is leaking hydraulic fluid onto the floor which is [in her opinion] unsafe. When you first arrive at the machine you can see wisps of smoke emanating from the housing.


  1. Identify the legal requirements involved for both you and the worker.
  2. List the options [at least 3] that exist for you in deciding what to do in this fictional encounter.
  3. Explain which course of action you would choose from that list of options and explain why AND make special note of any interactions or advice you have for the supervisor and safety committee.
  4. Anticipate and identify the impacts (good or bad impacts of your decision) that should be expected from your chosen course of action.State what they might be AND how you plan to deal with them.


  1. Create a page titled “Resources” with appropriate sub-pages where you list things like:
    1. Identify and describe any key tools or models that you have learned in this course and might use as an HRM professional. Include as a minimum:
      • Internal Responsibility System
      • 5 Principles of the modern Workers Compensation System
      • WHMIS 2015 (GHS)
      • Engineering and administrative controls, ergonomics and PPE
      • Plan-Do-Check-Act Model
    2. Key issues and approaches to handling them that you might wish to refer to in future ANDnoting what they are used for and any specific principles they embody AND including appropriate citations.
    3. Books you have readthat relate in some way to OH&S INCLUDING topic and together with the author/publisher AND summarize its key points.
    4. Websites of interest INCLUDING URL, topic and why.
    5. : get creative, make other pages that make sense to you – this is just for you and will help direct your continuing learning.


  1. On a page titled “My Skills” identify at least three things you have learned how to do in this course. The first skill must be “develop a RTW plan” and will use the plan you submitted this term. For each of these:
    1. Post one or more samples of it from your work during the course.
    2. List the key components or building blocks of each of these skills.
    3. Identify what constitutes high quality practice in each of these skill areas. For example, if you chose “write a safety policy” as one of your skills what distinguishes a poor policy from a good one?  What is the objective of a good policy?  How does a good or poor policy impact the OH&S culture of the organization?

Please use the following instructions as a guideline to build your e-portfolio and self-directed learning strategy.


  1. Creating My E-Portfolio:

Your e-portfolio will be built using Pebble Pad and can be accessed through the course site or https://app.pebblepad.ca/login/kpu/. If you are new to PebblePad, you may want to visit the Learning Centre for some additional help. There are also a ton of resource on the software, as well as a customer service number you can call!


The portfolio must include the topic sections outlined in #1 – 5 above and could have a number of other topic sections.  It could include areas for your Self-Directed Learning Strategy and your course learning summary and reflection.  Once you have addressed the required sections get creative in your design and layout of your e-portfolio so that it works for you.

  1. Content of Your E-Portfolio:

Your portfolio should include 1,500+ words of original material written by you. If you think in “pages” rather than “words”, this is roughly equivalent to 2 to 3 pages of single-spaced text, 1″ margins, 12-point font, on standard 8.5×11″ paper. This should be spread over multiple assets/pages and should be developed throughout the semester. It must be organized as a collection of pages and the pages must be in the order laid out in this outline and in the marking guide. 

Your portfolio (especially the ‘Resources’ section) could incorporate some, but probably not all of the following types of information:

  • Links to relevant external websites that support your analysis or development
  • Videos related to your analysis (e.g. from YouTube)
  • Links to books or magazine articles
  • Links to scholarly journal articles on your topic
  • Material from the slides presented in the course or from cases you have read or researched.
  • Web feeds from blogs or other news sources related to your topic
  • Audio files – this can be one you’ve recorded yourself with Audacity, or web audio
  • Photos – used to enhance the look of your views

Important Considerations:

All linked resources should include sufficient commentary (an introductory sentence or short paragraph) to make it clear why the resource is important in your analysis

  • Any material quoted from other sources must be properly cited/attributed. APA style is preferred. Therefore, one of your views/pages should be a reference page
  • Your e-portfolio should include multiple views/pages
  • You should have a “main page” view with a table of contents or site map from which the other views can be reached. The subsidiary views should allow easy navigation of your portfolio and back to your “main page” (this is easily accommodated by organizing the pages into a collection which will tab them appropriately).

*Note: The guidelines above are the minimal expectations – if you want an A you will need to do more than this.



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