Rhetorical Analysis Paper

Here is an example of and intructions.

Each of you will submit a 2-4 paragraphs (yes, I said paragraphs on a discussion thread) in a discussion thread on blackboard created by myself. The easiest way to do this assignment is start by introducing your rhetorical artifact. Give us context. Next, give us your opinion. Third paragraph give us the nuances of the arguments and start by saying the words “I propose…”. Finally, give us the theories that are going to be constructed in the argument. No theories? No worries I have 260 of them. ASK ME FOR HELP!!

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Rhetorical Analysis Paper
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Submitting to the discussion post will earn you 75 points. After submitting a post, each student will then respond to at least one other post/proposal. Your response to someone else’s post will earn you an additional 25 points. Responses SHOULD BE THOUGHTFUL!!! 4-6 long constructed sentences. Altogether this assignment is worth 100 points.

Below, I offer an example of what a proposal should look like. I wrote this proposal when I was a small undergrad. It does not have to be as long as the example shown here! Again, this is just one of the many examples. Pay attention to the highlights of arguments and Scholarly sources used to back my theories, concepts, and possibly the argument.


{Students be aware how I setup my nuanced argument here. Intro to the concept and theories} The human specie’s ability to not only tell stories (Allison, 1991), but live out stories exhibits great aesthetic. The ability to tell, live, achieve, craft, and perpetuate stories in existence remains an innate human characteristic that constructs social reality; stories matter. Stories are told to achieve some end, depending on context, who is telling the story, the exigence of why a story is told, and the audience; all of which makes the narrator and the audience either objective or subjective. Stories are often categorized by fictional or non-fictional. The real versus the fake. What impact does a real story have? What impact does a fake story have? Who gets to decide what stories get told? The victor? I am interested in the lost narrative, the exhumed narrative. The point of view of a story from the main players/characters. Not everyone gets to tell their side of the story, especially the deceased. A story remains incomplete if some; or one of the character’s points of view are left out, thus the audience is often left with a contestation of narratives.

As humans we are artist. Artistic beings that possess the ability to intentionally (or unintentionally) create aesthetic texts. Performance studies scholars Pelias & Shaffer declared aesthetic texts as culturally defined communicative presentations through the vehicle of dialogic engagement. Aesthetic texts range from the telling of a joke, essay, speech, art, dance, and even stories (Pelias & Shaffer, 2007). Pelias & Shaffer (2007) stated that stories serve as aesthetic artifacts that not only are shaped by a community, but also have the power to shape community. {Here is my argument or proposal}Given the descriptions Pelias & Shaffer offer, I concur that perceptions of events dictate how certain stories are narrated; additionally, to the premise of the current paper, I contend stories do a bit more than shape a community, rather stories (de)construct identities of the living, and most importantly of exhumed bodies. In this paper I argue that in the Netflix original series, Seven Seconds created by Veena Sud, Sud exhumes bodies through exploitation of contested narratives as a means to rethink conceptions of justice. Although the Seven Seconds is far from a traditional novel, Sud attempts to answer the lingering questions of Wayne Booth (1961) regarding the quantity ‘telling-showing’, ‘represented’ versus ‘related’, “related by whom? And at what length?” as means to formulate a reflexive response directed toward exhumed narratives. Whose story gets told? Who is allowed to tell that story? And at what cost? And newly developed, to what end?

Seven Seconds

{Here is where I give you my rhetorical Artifact} Peter Jablonski moved to Jersey City in hopes of a new life for his family. While on the phone, not paying attention, Jablonski hits fifteen-year-old black boy, Brenton Butler, who was on his way back home from a friend’s house. Jablonski gets out of the car to find a bike and a trail of blood that led to Butler’s body in a ditch on the side of the road. In shock, Jablonski calls Sergeant Diangelo and the rest of Jablonski’s new team. The team arrives, instead of calling an ambulance or calling backup, Sergeant Deangelo orders officer Jablonski to go home and attend to his pregnant wife, Marie. Jablonski obeys Diangelo’s orders while the rest of the narcotics team covers up the hit and run, afraid that media will blow up and accuse officer Jablonski of a hate crime. Twelve hours later, bystanders jogging through the park spot the body of Brenton Butler and call for help. Meanwhile, the parents of Brenton Butler, Latrice Butler and Isiah Butler, return home from work to prepare themselves and Brenton for the long-anticipated return of Isaiah’s brother, Seth Butler, whom is returning home from the armed forces. The Butler’s are in confusion as to why Brenton is not home. Seconds after, the Butler’s receive a visit from the police delivering news of Brenton has been taken to the ICU.

Upon the Butler’s arrival at the hospital Brenton Butler is now in critical condition, suffering from a coma, and needs to be put on life support. The crooked narcotics team file a report to cover for fellow officer Jablonski. After the doctors are able to stabilize Brenton, Seth Butler finally arrives at to be greeted by grieving friends and family. The Butler family yearns for answers, who is the person that hurt Brenton? Most importantly, the Butler family demands justice.

The case of who hit Brenton Butler, falls in the lap of Assistant Prosecutor, KJ Harper and her new partner, Detective ‘Fish’ Rinaldi. Harper finds evidence that does not add up to the crooked officer’s initial police report and is determined to find out the truth. Brenton Butler soon passes away at the exact time officer Jablonki’s wife gives birth to a baby boy. With some help from a witness that recalls seeing the crooked police team drive off, resulting in Brenton butler’s death, Prosecutor Harper and Rinaldi work together to uncover hidden evidence pointing directly to Jablonski and his team. Prosecutor Harper proposes to the judge that Jablonski and his team be charged with hate crimes and death by auto. The case goes to trial and Prosecutor Harper is met by her toughest challenger, hired by the state police department, lawyer Sam Hennessy.

After a long, dirty, grueling battle of narratives, the jury finds Peter Jablonski not guilty of hate crime and guilty of death by auto. Peter Jablonski is given 364 days in jail with bail set in 30 days. As for the other officers involved in the death of Brenton Butler, charges were dropped because the crooked police murdered the prosecutions witness.

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