Term Paper

Select a stressful situation or event of personal interest to you that will require
creative problem solving in order to reduce or eliminate the stress. Demonstrate one or
two examples from EACH of the 4 "roadblock" levels on the Stress Model (in case you
forgot, they are "Life Situation", Cognitive Appraisal", "Emotional Arousal", and
"Physiological Arousal". Make sure you properly identify which level each stress- reducing
intervention is on.
Examples of a stressful situation or event might be:
Work overload; addictive habit; personality/emotional/behavioral issues; financial issues;
difficult relationship; lack of organization; housing issues; wedding or other major event;
study/student/work issues; health/medical issues, Covid-19 anxiety; break-up/relationship event;
relocating; job interview; job loss; etc.
Though a personal situation or relationship of yours – past or present – is preferable
because it will be personally applicable (thus helpful) to you, you are not restricted to a personal
experience in order to complete this paper of creative stress management. Strongly consider
something that is applicable to you.


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Your paper must be in three distinct (and labeled) sections. The following is a good
strategic plan which you should use as a guideline to create your paper with its three sections.
When you compose the paper, add the three blue underlined numbers and titles (to clearly
separate the parts).
Define the problem you chose, and explain your reaction – how and why it is a source of
stress to you (be specific). This can be a problem that pertains to you (or doesn’t), either past or
present or even future. Hint – you do not have to give a background intro about stress
managemen. You can go right to defining the problem without all that background mish-mash. I
DON’T want a regurgitation of what is in the lectures or book. Do not attempt to teach me what
Stress Management is… I can assure you that I know it very well.
2. THE INTERVENTIONS (this is the heading of the 2nd section of your paper)
Generate solution ideas, i.e., techniques that can be used to manage the stress associated
with the problem. Using the Stress Model continuum that we discussed in class, come up with
viable stress management interventions:
at least one (two is better) from the LIFE SITUATION level of stress management, and
at least one (two is better) from the COGNITIVE APPRAISAL level of stress mgt.
Be sure to clearly identify and label which level each strategy generates from (life
situation, cognitive appraisal).
Next, also provide SUPPORTIVE INTERVENTIONS that will assist in overall stress
at least two on the EMOTIONAL AROUSAL level of the Stress Model, and
at least two on the PHYSIOLOGICAL AROUSAL level of the Stress Model.


Be sure to label the supportive techniques according to the stress model level that they
represent as well. Keep in mind that in general, solutions on the “life situation” and “cog
appraisal” levels are more dynamic than solutions on the “emotional arousal” and “physiological
arousal” levels, which are typically just supportive and back-up techniques to provide some
general assistance in reducing the stress.

After you have described the stressful situation (or event, or person, or behavior, etc.)
and clearly displayed and labeled the various techniques (what we have been calling
"interventions" or "roadblocks") along the Stress Model that could be used to reduce or eliminate
the stress, summarize your thoughts and relate it to what you have learned from this course, and
what you have learned about yourself through this course. Which of the stress-reducing
techniques that you described would work best for you? Are you able to use techniques on all the
levels to help solve your stress? If you are drawing from personal experience, use past or future
tense to explain how you will (or have already) handled the stressor.
If this is a situation you have already confronted, then evaluate and analyze the action
plan (for instance, what technique(s) did you use and how did it work? Could you have handled
the situation differently?) If you are not drawing from past experience, then predict how you
think the plan might work.


More general info and rubric guideline:
Remember, there are always various good ways to solve a problem that is causing stress.
Usually all you need to do is spend some time working at it from different directions (and
different levels along the stress model) until a number of viable solutions surface, and typically
we use them all, with one that works better than most and becomes the method with the most
impact. Sometimes we have to try a number of different strategies in order to succeed (for
instance, anyone who has successfully quit smoking has probably tried more than one method
before successfully quitting).
The paper should be about 3 pages or so, size #11 font and space-and-a-half between
lines with an extra half space between paragraphs (like what you see here). Small (no more
than 1”) margins. Easiest is APA style format (I am not a stickler for that so it doesn't have to
match). I am more interested in seeing the clear distinctions between the three parts of the paper
and the stress model levels, etc.
Be sure your written work has a clear and appropriate beginning, development, and
conclusion, and that you are guiding me through the problem, the viable solutions, the
conclusion, and the summary with fluid transitions. The length of written work should be
sufficient to cover the topic with no major errors in word selection and sentence structure. And –
I AM a stickler for this – almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
So remember… it should be almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical
errors. That's right….. no spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.


Certainly, what I am looking for here is a demonstration of your knowledge of the Model
of Stress continuum, and proper placement of stress-busting roadblocks along the levels of the
stress model. Also a demonstration of your increased self-knowledge in the area of stressors that
trigger you and how you might now use your knowledge to keep your own stress levels in check.
Describing your own personal growth and the direction you are growing in, is going to count as
the “research” part of your grade for this paper. In other words, you are researching yourself
instead of book information – I believe that this information will be the most beneficial to you
and will help you embark on your newer lifestyle of self-directed stress management. So here is
your chance to show off the self-knowledge and self-improvement that you have gained through
this course

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