HR Reflection Discussion : Measurement

Go through the attached slides to answer the question in details:

Why is measurement so important for ensuring the success of an organization’s staffing system? Explain in some detail how measurement is relevant to overall staffing strategy and the staffing functions (e.g., legal compliance, job analysis, planning, and recruitment) that we have discussed in the class thus far.

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HR Reflection Discussion : Measurement
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( Also, I need you to write a respond for 2 other students posts):

Also, please take a look to students response to have an idea what specific info to include in your original post.

Student 1:

Measurement is extremely important for legal compliance. The law outlines the 4/5ths rule that must be maintained, otherwise adverse impact or adverse treatment are occurring which opens the company up to a lawsuit. In addition to being able to prove with data that adverse impact is not occurring, employees can bring lawsuits for not being promoted based on subjective data. If a company has a way to measure the performance and prove why some people get promoted and others don’t regardless of subjective data, the company can protect itself from disparate treatment claims. Measurement is important in planning because quality workforce planning is based on historical data for peak seasons and turnover expectations. Measurement is important for recruitment because some recruiting platforms are too expensive and do not yield the right kinds of applicants. By having data on recruiting, smart business decisions can be made on where to invest time and money to get the best candidates. Measurement is important for job analysis because if the requirements for a job are misrepresented and measured inaccurately, such as years of experience required, training costs may increase or recruiting costs may increase because it will be harder to attract candidates that fit the poorly measured criteria that was established in the job analysis. All of these components require some degree of measurement to have a successful staffing system.

Student 2:

Measurement is extremely important to the success of an organizations overall staffing system because it ensures a standardized way of doing things. It eliminates confusion and promotes fairness and accountability across the board. There’s no room for misinterpretation when an organization has a standard and reliable way of conducting job analysis, planning and recruitment. With regards to legal compliance, the law is seldom open to interpretation so consistency is key to complying with legal guidelines.I can provide you with other students posts, to have an idea about what information you need to include.

Student 3:

The reason why measurement is so important for the success of organizations because measurements can be used to screen the best candidates for promotions and jobs, this way is best to ensure fairness across the board for employees and avoid potential lawsuits against bias. It is also important for recruitment because going to a recruitment service to find potential candidates can be very costly for the company.

Student 4:

A measurement is a tool used in staffing organizations. In staffing, measurement is known as a process used to assemble and communicate data about individuals and occupations in mathematical structure. Staffing organizations is exceptionally reliant on the accessibility and utilization of measures (Burkholder, Golas, & Shepiro, 2012). Many organizations use this tool to measure record-keeping, jobs, individuals or evaluation, among others so that the organization can have the complete picture of its needs.

Qualitative measures are often conducted at the micro-level, especially when making internal promotion. Qualitative measures help the organization make promotions according to an individual’s work ethic, attitude and general knowhow (Burkholder, Golas, & Shepiro, 2012). Forecasting measures, on the other hand, are used by managers to help in the prediction of the number of people to hire. These measures help in reviewing of previous sales, needs of a single department and current monthly earnings of an organization.

Quantitative decision making in staffing requires quantitative measures. These are measures that help the Human resource manager to hire the correct number of employees. Measures also help in monitoring of the progress and keeping of records which helps in determining how effective the staffing system is.


Burkholder, N., Golas, S., & Shepiro, J. (2012, January 2). Measuring staffing—A better approach to hiring metrics. Retrieved from…

Student 5:


Measurement is crucial to ensure the success of an organization’s staffing because data and metrics illustrates areas of improvement. Data is hard to refute, this is especially important when it is needed in court. Every organization needs to be legally compliant and in order to prove this compliance the HR department needs to perform affirmative action analysis. Organizations will also have a better understanding of their overall organizational structure and development after performing job and Markov analysis. This allows organizations to see their staffing needs and plan accordingly. By understanding positions with high turnover organizations can make the proper recruiting adjustments.

Student 6:


Measurement is important for ensuring the success of an organization’s staffing system because it is used to determine who is where on the performance scale and for legal compliance. Having documentation on employees will create a systematic way of choosing people to promote as well as finding out who needs help. For legal compliance, measurement and data is used as evidence as to why they decided to promote that individual. For job analysis and planning, measurement can be used to find how relatable the KSAOs are for the specific job. Finally, measurement is important for recruiting because it will tell you how successful you were, can be helpful with tracking where the most talented/qualified candidates came from, and quantifying the amount of employees needed for a particular position.

Student 7:



Measurement protects and promotes fairness. When measurements are objective, reliable, and accurate, companies can rely on data to make important decisions, whether it is involved in promotions, new hires, culture, performance, planning, and much more. As for it’s relevance when it comes to staffing strategies, well if you’re measurement tools cannot analyze candidates the way you hope it too, your organization will not be very profitable. Consistent and accurate measurements that can determine if someone can perform a job obviously has an impact on the entire business. So if your measurements cannot find the correct people on a job-person fit, I would imagine your business would be losing more money than it’s making.

Student 8:


Measurement is a very important tool for ensuring the success of staffing systems within a particular organization. It allows employers to promote fairness, understand where there is room for improvements, and generally have a standardized way of staffing and promoting. When it comes to legal compliance, it is important for employers to know the 4/5ths rule. Having knowledge of this rule and how to compute the data related to it can assist employers in steering away from unnecessary lawsuits. When it comes to job analysis and planning, measurement can be useful in understanding the needs of the organization better, as well as needs of specific positions such as KSAOs. Also, measurement is used in the recruitment process to better understand what sources are most useful in attracting qualified employees. This assists in figuring out which sources to invest in to yield better outcomes and performance from potential employees. Overall, measurement is essential to the success of staffing within organizations, recruiting and retaining talent, and complying to legal issues that may arise.

Student 9:



It is important because by assigning points to an attribute the company will be able to determine what skills are needed to fill a certain job position and who is qualified to apply for these jobs. By having these measurements the company will be able to stay successful because they will be able to match the right job applicant to the position based on how their KSAO match the job description determined by their test scores and where their points come from on these test. By having these test in place companies can ensure they promote/hire the right people for each position so the company can stay successful.

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