Occupational Therapist with The Use of Facebook In EdTech

Occupational Therapist with The Use of Facebook In EdTech
The rapid increase in the use of technology and many people having easy access to the internet has led to different sectors adopting the use of technology. Technology has made it easier for people to transfer information from one area to another. Therefore, being a vital tool for institutions to use technology in professionally educating students, enabling them to gain higher education (O’Callaghan, Neumann, Jones & Creed, 2017). Currently, the world has been struck by the Corona Virus, which has led to the closure of all institutions, therefore making it hard for students to attend their classes physically. However, with the existence of technology, students can be easily taught from their homes with the presence of technology and the internet, which is essential in propelling online education. This paper will focus on how occupational therapists can be taught using Facebook in EdTech, therefore enabling them to gain higher education.
Facebook is among the most used social media application; it can easily connect students and teachers because most of the students and teachers can have access to Facebook since Facebook can be both for personal and professional use. Teachers can use Facebook video communication channels in teaching their specific students. Also, apart from teaching online, they can use the application for sharing other educational material to their students, such as short videos and particular notes. Thus, engaging their students from different locations.
According to Hollis & Madill (2006) states that evidence suggests that the blending combinations of technologies with the use of computer-based learning is essential in enhancing interaction. Therefore, it is the key to addressing the higher learning needs of professional programs such as occupational therapy. Thus, EdTech’s use of online learning to occupational therapists will be essential in making sure that students get access to education and also increase propelling their interactions. It can also act as a necessary aspect of making sure students who are practicing their profession can also quickly get online and participate in their studies using Facebook.
There is a need for EdTech to come up with the best strategies that will make sure that students can be satisfied with the education being offered online. On the issue of the best way, students can be taught using online platforms. According to Giles, Annan, Gober, & Greene, (2018) on their study, they argue that students preferred the use of eLearning modules videos compared to live video recordings in terms of preparedness for exams, confidence, and accessibility. Therefore, they believe the use of short videos in online education may be critical in satisfying the student’s needs.
The use of reflective online activities brings a new approach to the educational sector. According to a study carried out by Calabrese, Lape, & Delbert (2019), the use of online teaching is essential in delivering emotional intelligence education that is appealing to today’s students. Therefore, being a vital tool for making sure that students can easily understand what they are being taught by their tutors. Teaching materials that occupational therapists’ students can easily relate to, and follow, helps in creating a more conducive environment where more students can easily engage in the studies. It also essential in enabling more students to study occupational therapy.
In conclusion, the use of Facebook in teaching occupational therapists is essential in making sure that every student and teacher can have access to the online classes. The use of technology and traditional ways of teaching are critical in making sure students have a better understanding of what they learn. There is a need for EdTech to come up with the best strategies in teaching online classes hence enhancing occupational therapists’ understanding. Reflective online activities are also critical in enhancing students’ understanding of what is being taught. The use of technology in learning is the future of the education system (Berman et al., 2016).
EdTech should make sure they create magnetic and compelling learning outcomes for occupational therapists. Learning outcomes are essential in any implementation of online learning (Panigrahi, Srivastava, & Sharma, 2018). Lacking online outcomes in online courses may severely risk the reputation of EdTech. Moreover, there is a need for precise creation of the course process to avoid frustration. The learning outcomes should be able to state and explain with measurable verbs, how the learner will be able to learn. Thus, illustrating things learners will do, hence the knowledge they will gain and the end of the course. EdTech implementation of online learning outcomes will be central in ensuring that they have the right students joining and attending occupational therapists online learning. The result will be higher completion rates. Hence many students will able to complete the online course. Furthermore, it will lead to higher satisfaction rates, which may lead to referrals that are key in making sure of the growth of online learning at EdTech. The other advantageous aspect of learning outcomes is low refund rates requests that are key in making sure EdTech can retain its reputation.
EdTech should make sure that they a proper selection and gathering process of online course content for the occupational therapists (Petrovic-Dzerdz & Trépanier, 2018). Failing to adhere to these may lead to the online method of losing students. The main reason why students enroll in online learning or any learning program is to gain content. Hence, the lack of much-needed content may lead to failure in the implementation of online education for occupational therapists. To make sure that EdTech has the most appropriate content online, they should focus on what they should leave out in the course, hence ending up with the right course material. The process of what should be included in a course usually needs a concrete research strategy that is aligned to the learning outcomes (Jorre de St Jorre & Oliver, 2018). Therefore, EdTech should make sure they don’t include anything that doesn’t align with learning outcomes. Generally, to make sure that EdTech has proper online learning for occupational therapists through Facebook, there is a need for them to make sure they answer burning questions for the audience through content delivery. It will also be key in making sure they are competing against institutions that offer the same services as them.
According to Palloff and Pratt (2013), determining the most engaging and effective delivery method for each lesson on an online platform is essential in making sure students understand what they are being taught. Therefore, there is a need for EdTech to make sure they have the best ways in which they deliver content to occupational therapist students through Facebook. EdTech should make sure they are aware of the different principles of students of higher learning, their learning preferences, and many other aspects that they consider essential in their learning experience. In doing so, it will be able to create a conducive environment for online learning. Moreover, it will be key in enhancing online learning engagement between the students and their tutors. The aspects that EdTech should put into consideration the need to use videos, reading content, activities, and audio content. However, there is a need for EdTech to make sure that they have a balance between visuals, audio, and practical methodologies for an effective online learning experience (Castle & McGuire, 2010).
Using the argument of Sowan (2014), having a perfectly produced material for online learning is essential in making sure that an institution meets the needs of the students. Therefore, the need to make sure EdTech heavily invests in filming, recording, and editing for online courses. The main reason for having a perfect production process for online learning content is making sure that there is no contradiction in online content delivery from what is outlined by the institution. It is also essential to make sure students enjoy perfect content service delivery through perfect audio and video. How will a student enjoy online learning without audible videos? How will they even understand what they are being taught? Those are some of the questions that EdTech should answer, hence making sure their students enjoy quality content delivery through Facebook.
According to Yuan, Powell, and Olivier (2014), there is a need for sustainable and affordable online learning programs. Therefore, enabling students to easily enroll in different online courses without the fear of affordability and the availability of the online learning program. EdTech should come up with a perfect pricing model and feeding into the bigger education-based business model. In doing so, they will be able to accommodate all students who have the urge to enroll in their online courses. Basing on the argument by Shuen (2018), there is a need for every business to have a strategic plan for success. A strategic plan in the implementation of online learning is essential in making sure that the program can sustain itself. Hence, EdTech should avoid having lower prices since it may make them look of low value compared to their competitors.

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Occupational Therapist with The Use of Facebook In EdTech
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